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After surviving a violent encounter, renowned pianist, Amber Waltz, relocates to a rural farmhouse to complete her latest symphony. When the music mysteriously begins writing itself, Amber slowly discovers that this piece could be her last.

Directed by:  Micheal Bafaro
Written by: Micheal Bafaro & Michael Mitton
Genre: Feature Film – Pyschological Thriller
Status: Filmed/Post Production


In the 11th century, a mysterious woman stumbles upon a small village, setting off a chain of events that will ultimately challenge the mandatory sexual ritual imposed on Scottish brides that is the Lord’s right, the Law of First Night.

Written by: Laurie McLay
Genre: Feature Film – Historical/Drama
Status: Script

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A year after the death of her father, Jana Davies travels to a picturesque vineyard for her sister’s wedding. Unknown to them, a malevolent spirit haunts the house that threatens her entire family.

Written by: Tony Bullis & Matt Eskandari
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Status: Pre-Production

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During a drunken meander through his quaint Canadian town, Gord, an aging electrician on the cusp of divorce and well into the crescendo of his mid-life crisis, literally stumbles upon a cohort of young DIY documentary filmmakers. His liquor induced bravado and monetary promises soon find him the new subject of their avant-garde fly on the wall filmography. Now both documentarians and Gord himself are subject to the whims of his game of escalation in a misguided attempt to win back his wife. When Gord’s scheming leads to him faking his death, the line between filmmakers and accomplices become blurred and the group’s morality comes into question. Can a man plummet into his own ill-conceived rabbit hole and make it out the other end in one piece? And does filming it truly constitute art?

Written by: Hunter R. Hennigar & Dayleigh A. Nelson
Genre: Comedy/Mockumentary
Status: Pre-Production

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A young ex-con breaks parole to hitch west to be with her lover. But when she catches a ride with a rich, party girl and a young hustler, she becomes entangled in the hustler’s plot. She winds up trapped in a police interrogation room impersonating the rich girl.

Written by: Eric T. Finkel & David Spencer
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Status: Pre-Production

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When their sailboat is swept into a deadly storm in the Bermuda Triangle, Elliott and Mitch find themselves thrust back into the 15th century.  Outrunning pirates, they arrive in England where they establish themselves as nobles ~ one attempts to change history and one becomes a wanted outlaw ~ while they try to find their way back home.

Written by: Terence Hayes
Genre: Feature Film – Adventure
Status: Script


An inexplicably intense connection transports lovers to another world, a lifetime ago; unraveling the mystery of a past life together is the only way to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

Written by: Laurie McLay
Genre: Feature Film – Mystery/Romance
Status: Treatment


After a life-threatening encounter with secret government agents, an ex-military man learns his memory has been altered and that he is the key to the 2012 Mayan prophecies called the Great Shift or the Emerging Point.

Written by: Terence Hayes
Genre: Feature Film – SciFi
Status: Script


A comedy about a dispirited former crime fighter unprepared for his second chance in the limelight that reveals courage comes in many forms ~ even in green tights!

Written by: Chris Wilkinson
Genre: Feature Film – Comedy
Status: Script

Developed with the support of TELEFILM CANADA.

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Brendan Tremain is a powerful and unhappy business executive who meets a strange bag lady and is granted a wish;  he falls in love with a down-and-out lounge singer and begins a life-altering journey into a world of music and magic.

Written by: Terence Hayes
Genre: Feature Film – Drama
Status: Script